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    Borderlands 3 Won’t Be At E3 – Rumor

    While people are eagerly awaiting Borderlands 3, which at this point is presumed to be releasing some time next year, it will apparently not be making its debut at E3, as many have speculated and expected. In a report from Shacknews, Gearbox software was said to have talked to a “room of journalists” today and said that there would be “no Borderlands presence at E3 whatsoever.” The report continued to say that Gearbox Software would have other titles on display during E3.

    It’s been almost six years since Gearbox released “Borderlands 2” on consoles and PC. It was a smash hit, selling more than 12 million copies. According to the report there are two possibilities- either Borderlands 3 gets announced a bit before (or after) E3, with no appearance at the show whatsoever; or the Gearbox representative is misleading people to restore some element of surprise to the game’s announcements (as a reminder, Ubisoft and Michel Ancel did this with Beyond Good and Evil 2 last year too). So whatever it is, I do hope it is revealed soon either way.

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