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    God Eater Producer Yusuke Tomizawa Is Now The Producer Of The Tales Of series

    The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine has revealed that God Eater producer Yusuke Tomizawa is now the producer of the Tales Of series, and will be working on the next console title that was announced at the Tales of Festival 2018 in June. The game has no title or release date. We also know that it's not a spin-off or a sequel, and that it will be developed and published by Bandai Namco.

    Here are some more details from the interview:

    • “We’re planing on remasters and remakes for the Tales of series based on [fan] requests.”
    • “(Tomizawa) will take on the role as a new producer in charge of console game development, including the new title that was announced during the Tales of Festival 2018.” 
    • “We’re putting our focus first into putting out a game on console, which we haven’t done in a while.”
    • “I’m not working directly on Crestoria. It is being planned as an entry point title to the series with a completely new and original story that is different from the all-star kind of game.”
    • (On Tomizawa’s structure) “I can’t say anything about it for now. But I’ve been working on it quietly from the start.”
    • “The development is being handled by Bandai Namco studio. It has reliable members who helped build the series.”

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