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    PC Version of Honkai Impact 3rd Playable at EGX Berlin 2019

    Chinese developer Mihoyo has announced that the PC version of Honkai Impact 3rd which is currently available worldwide for iOS and Android platforms as a free-to-play title, will be officially playable at the upcoming EGX Berlin 2019 event which takes place from November 1st to November 3rd.

    According to what has been revealed, visitors for EGX Berlin will be able to get hands-on with the latest 3.5 version of the game, and S-rank combat suit. Their booth will be located at Indie Game Area in Hall 7.

    Currently, the release date for the PC version is undetermined yet.

    About the game:

    Honkai Impact 3rd, as the be-loved IP own by miHoYo, featuring an anime art style with full—3D rendering and action – based gameplay, has been greatly received by global players since its release on mobile platform as April 12, 2018 with 35 million total international downloads as so far. Question has been raised by fans globally regarding the availability of this title on PC platform for a while and now, Honkai Impact 3rd offers its official PC version trying out during EGX Berlin this year.

    Setting in the world plagued by cataclysms caused by “Honkai,” which processing the power of interacting with matter to bring out synthetization, imitation and mutation, is manipulated by a deity who picks hosts to annihilate humanities of those and eventually accept the will of honkai. To save the world from tyranny and annihilation of humanity, multiple organizations have formed in response, referring as “Schicksal”, deploying trained females known as “Valkyries,” to combat Honkai and fight for the faith they believe in.

    Players will control a team up to three characters, referring as “Valkyries,” who featuring utterly different and unique attack, evasion and ultimate skills, freely switch among them around the battlefield to adapt to various enemy types. Valkyries’ stats and skills can even be customized with various weapons and equipment to suit players’ gameplay style as they please.


    1. Where was this revealed coz in the article linked they only mention when the PC client might be published for CN.

      1. CN already have pc client.

      2. But it's only a open beta, technically it's has released officially yet

    2. (4th Dimension) Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/380785896132472/