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    Mobile RPG Symphogear XD Unlimited to Launch Globally on Android and iOS This Winter

    Bushiroad and Pokelabo have announced that Symphogear XD Unlimited which is currently available in Japan, will launch globally on Android and iOs devices. This version will support English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

    Symphogear XD Unlimited originally launched in Japan in June 2017.The game is described as a "symphonic battle RPG" that focuses on the song and fighting elements of the series. Players can select from 9 different characters and form a team to battle against enemies while performing special moves recreated from the anime. The combat is being called a "real time auto battle" system which mainly focuses on the user inputting the commands/timing for the use of special moves.

    Bushiroad describes the game:

    "This work is a Symphonic Battle RPG that faithfully recreates the world of the Symphogear series. There are over 100 and counting newly created illustrations for the game! Additionally, the game includes many exciting character songs from the original work that serve to enhance the flashy battles! It’s a game that can appeal not just to existing fans, but newcomers as well."

    Additionally, Bushiroad will have a booth for the game at charaExpo USA 2019 event held in L.A. on December 7 and 8 at the Anaheim Convention Center Hall D.

    Symphogear XD Unlimited launches globally in Winter 2019 for Android and iOS devices. Watch Symphogear XD Unlimited opening movie and gameplay below:

    Opening Movie


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