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    Little Busters! Converted Edition for Switch Teaser Website Launched

    Developer Prototype has launched the teaser website for the upcoming visual novel Little Busters! Converted Edition. The game is set to release for Nintendo Switch in Japan in spring 2020.

    The Switch version of Converted Edition will include full touchscreen support and dynamic switching between Japanese and English text. 

    Story (via Steam):

    Riki Naoe lost his parents as a child and fell deep into despair. 

    He was saved by a group of kids who called themselves the Little Busters: Kyousuke Natsume, Masato Inohara, Kengo Miyazawa, and Rin Natsume. They took him and played at being heroes who fought tireless evil around them.

    Riki discovered endless joy in spending time with his new friends, even though the group was silly and their missions tended to end in failure.

    Over time, it washed away his loneliness and suffering.
    Years later, the whole gang was attending the same school, and Riki became a second-year. 

    They were still as silly as ever and spent their youth following Kyousuke's silly ideas.

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