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    The House in Fata Morgana and A Requiem for Innocence Will Receive a 4K Remaster

    Recently, developer Novectactle has announced that The House in Fata Morgana and The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence are getting a 4K remaster for PC (Windows) on March 12 in Japan for 2,000 Yen, and 1,620 Yen. A Steam multi-language version is also planned.

    The House in Fata Morgana is a gothic tale set in a cursed mansion spanning nearly a millennium that deals in tragedy, human nature, and insanity. Your character wakes up with amnesia and meets a maid in the mansion. The two of you visit the mansion in different time periods – 1603, 1707, 1869 and 1099 – to learn what has happened to its residents in the past and to regain your lost memories.

    A Requiem for Innocence is a companion to the visual novel "The House in Fata Morgana." It tells the tale of a young man dragged down by his ambitions and a girl both worshiped as a saint and maligned as a witch. For them, there is no happily ever after.

    The House in Fata Morgana was first released for PC and iOS by Novectacle in 2012 and 2014 in Japan, and for PC by MangaGamer in 2016 worldwide. Additionally, a 3DS version was released by FuRyu in 2016, and a PSVita version was released by Dramatic Create in 2017, both versions are exclusive to Japan. Another PS Vita version, as well as a PS4 version, were released in North America by Limited Run Games in 2019. Nintendo Switch version is currently in development.

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